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Adventure time… Lifestyle Nursery Randburg - May 2012
I feel this is such a wonderfully interesting place that it cannot be adequately described in words, so lets use a ton of pics shall we? 
The have a ton of pets you can buy such as:
Fat fluffy bunnies!

Inquisitive hamsters!

And Guinea pigs who’d rather have slept in!

A wealth of fish

 And twice that of spiders!


More spiders

And yet MORE spiders!

And birds in any colour you require! (I want one that eats spiders!!!)

Their flowers are a range of near edible colours!

 And the roses in techni-colour!

 Just ask any bee!

 Any plant you want, they probably have it. And in taupe!

Not to mention the standard naff pottery that every nursery seems to stock.

And a restaurant for a nosh when you’re all ‘tuckered’ out!

And many little odd shops where you can get that clown wig you’ve always wanted

Up this alleyway and down that one! There’s something here for everyone

Snack Break!

Care for a good book then? Or a trashy teen vampire book?

How about some stained glass for your castle Dracula?

Or maybe a little something softer?

 And silkier! A whole shop of silk that is!

 Maybe, with the profusion of life around you, you’d rather have fake flowers? Easier to care for. Why water them when you can dust?

And sticks in various shades to stick where ever you want… let’s not ask too deeply on that one!

And fine woman’s wear for the man of your choice! I think the T-shirt describes that headgear best!

And then what better way to end the celebration of life than with a large hunk of dried, raw meat?

May I recommend a visit to the nursery? Ideally with me? You won’t leave empty handed! (If only because I’ll show you a ton of stuff you can buy me! ^_-)
Being a Koi little Puss!

 Here’s the Koi I painted for Bren. I was a bit worried about the lotus blossom but it came out just dandy. Doesn’t he look so kissable? (Oye, I mean the fish!)

This one’s not my favest fav, but I do like the octopus’s eyes though! Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!!!!


What Jovvi did… Fintastic!

I decided to stop being “koi” with colour and go plunging right back into it! Nothing fishy about that! »>

What Jovvi did… St George get’s his knickers crisped!

The classic epic of the knight against the dragon! Me thinks the knight is looking a bit hard boiled!!


What Jovvi did… Sea Beastie

Here I tried experimenting with black as a background to bring the picture forward. Keeping my taste for vivid colours alive and well though!!


What Jovvi did… The Parrot!! Dum dum DUM!!!

This is my current favorite painting! It was a real challenge and when it was finished, AH, I could have cried! (Mostly because both my hands were cramped from painting…)


What Jovvi did… My first few paintings!

This was my first painting in ages! And then some! But oh, it came out so well! Twas also my first bird I’ve ever done and first raven (Well I suppose if it’s my first bird you could have guessed that!)

These mermaids came second. Inspired by a friend who was calling his potential girlfriend a mermaid. Inspiration comes from odd places indeed!

Third up was this rose. We have the most beautiful roses growing in our garden and this is my tribute to them! 

Rob put the mermaid and the rose in his cupboard behind the glass, doesn’t that just look fantastic?!

Okay this is my least favourite, I’m not sure why but it doesn’t strike a cord in me. I think it’s the total lack of bright colours. Still, it has it’s own sort of charm. 

This goldfish has character, even for such a scaly fellow! :P

All that’s missing is the apple! That dark blotch at the top of the painting is not where I blotched it abysmally but my shadow as I leaned over to take the photo. Note to self: Take pics during the daytime!